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Familiarize Yourself With Miss February 2012 Leola Bell

By the way, Heather is not the only attraction of the January issue of Playboy. Magazine, which will ship to retailers around 16th December, will double issue on the site you gentlemen will be able to get acquainted with Miss February Leola Bell. Unlike twenty-six Heather is a native of the city of Rockville is not novice.

The pages of the magazine are nothing new to this sexy woman wearing bra for 36D big boobs, who lives in Florida. In the past, Leola Bell became a Playboy Girls Of Golf and Painted Lady and appeared several times in its online edition.

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Alison Waite the return of lost youth

Alison Waite was born under the sign of Scorpio. As she looks at you with her eyes, nut and you feel that you would sacrifice the life that you could catch it in the hands. She is just pure pleasure. So far, but she does not have with whom to share. She is sophisticated, beautiful, rich and single.

She appeared in Playboy in May 2006, issue dedicated to top ten party school. Alison Waite is the return of lost youth. Her photos in Playboy miraculously returns lost youth. Alison was nominated for a Playmate of the year, but eventually finished in second place. Her life philosophy is really worthy of a scorpion sign. Work hard, play hard. Always going beyond its objectives and also wants a partner.

Alison Waite

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Busty Heather Knox will be the first Playmate in 2012

We know who will be Miss January 2012 and Playboy Playmate. Busty blond Heather Knox will be the first Playmate in next year. It was posted on her web site. She managed to achieve in a few weeks in what many girls dream about for years.

26-year-old Heather Knox attended the casting in September this year. The decision to become a Playmate, was made soon after the shooting test. The January edition will be the available on 16th December. It will be double edition, where will be present the Miss February 2012 Leola Bell.

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Miss October 2011 Amanda Cerny Sexy Video

Meet Miss October 2011 Amanda Cerny in this sexy video. She’s one of the nicest and smartest Playmates ever and a really talented woman. Her video was so well done it wouldn’t be surprising to see her make Playmate of the Year.

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Bethanie Badertscher Cyber Girl Of The Year 2011

Cyber Girl Of The Year 2011 is Bethanie Badertscher
5′ 6″, 112 lbs, 34C-24-35
Born October 21, 1986

She was featured in pictorials:
Cyber Girl Of The Week February 22, 2010
Barmate August 2010

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Amber Campisi Video, Nude Photos and Pictures Gallery

Let’s see a very nice and hot Amber’s pics gallery, nude photos and videos. Lovely and talented Amber Campisi was a Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for February 2005. This really sexy, young and bright girl can’t keep patience near athletic and confident men.

Amber Campisi nude

Miss February first appeared in Playboy in December 2003 as part of fiftieth Anniversary Playmate Search.

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Playmate Heather Knox is Miss January 2012

Sexy Heather Knox is the newest Playmate. Her Stats
Height: 5′ 3″, Weight: 124 lbs, Measurements: 34DD-24-35

She was featured in Playboy’s Casting Calls #110 in September 2011.

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Playmate Lauren Anderson Behind The Scenes From Bartender Ad

Watch Behind The Scenes Video From Bartender Ad.

Playmate Lauren Anderson can’t seem to get it right when she tries to show how to make a short video for beverage company. She is sexy and funny.

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Miss December Rainy Day Jordan

Playboy subscribers may get the surprise of the year when they open their December issues. Rainy Day Jordan appears as Miss December. She was set to start the last leg of her education in August but by then, she was well on her way to the Playboy centerfold.

After a Playboy casting call, Rainy Day Jordan was sent to be photographed for Playboy special editions. By June, she was taking part in a Playmate test and by July, her crew was back in Texas with her to shoot for the December issue. So what is next for Miss December? Maybe she will be Playmate of the Year.

rainy day jordan playboy

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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue Should Be on Shelves in Late December

You can get an issue of Playboy featuring a Lindsay Lohan. Playboy confirmed that she will grace the cover of the magazine’s first issue of 2012. Lindsay will be featured in Playboy’s January/February issue, which hits newsstands in late December. The announcement comes after several reports surfaced saying Lohan’s initial stab at posing were deemed not up to snuff by Hugh Hefner himself.

Apparently Mr. Hefner was after a classic type shoot, and apparently that’s finally what he ended up getting. Lohan expected to appear, but strategically covered up in certain shots. She was given an additional week to turn herself in so she could complete the photo shoot for Playboy magazine. Had she been unable to complete the shoot, she could have been held in breach of contract by the men’s magazine, which reportedly paid her almost a million dollars for the spread.

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Miss February 2005 Amber Campisi Photo And Data

Miss February 2005 is redhead woman. She likes athletic men, someone who is confident but not cocky, and redheads. Amber Campisi Photo.

amber campisi

Amber Campisi’s Stats
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Height: 5’6
Weight: 127 lbs
Measurements: 36DD-28-36

She first appeared in Playboy in December 2003 as part of 50th Anniversary Playmate Search. Amber Campisi decided to try out when our scouts visited her hometown. She was done with college and wanted to try something fun and new.

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Miss September 2004 Scarlett Keegan Photo And Data

Miss September 2004 is redhead woman. She wants be a movie girl, travel, have a successful business of my own and have a home and family. Scarlett Keegan Photo.

scarlett keegan

Scarlett Keegan’s Stats
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA
Height: 5’5
Weight: 106 lbs
Measurements: 34-24-34

By nature and Irish heritage, Scarlett Keegan is 100 percent sexy and has red hair, too. Her mom was born in Dublin, Ireland and she’s gone there almost every year since I was young. Dubliners give you a hard time if you’re Irish and you weren’t born there.

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Lindsay Lohan Nude In Playboy

Actress Lindsay Lohan is shooting photos for Playboy and the spread will earn her almost a million dollars. The deal has been in the works for months, and that Lindsay balked at an initial $750K offer. Hugh Hefner and Playboy recently came back to Lindsay with an offer less than her asking price but close enough for her to sign on the dotted line.

The shoot started over the weekend which means Lindsay was juggling her court ordered morgue duties with getting in Playboy.

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Miss November 2011 Ciara Price Photo And Data

Miss November 2011 is a classic computer nerd trapped in the body of a blonde bombshell. Ciara Price Photo.

ciara price

Ciara Price’s Stats
Hometown: Portland, ME
Height: 5’4
Weight: 118 lbs
Measurements: 32C-25-35

Allow Ciara Price to troubleshoot your digital woes. She has been a closet nerd who took apart computers and put them back together again since the seventh grade. Ciara is 21-year-old wireless consultant. You can see her in a memorable Playmate pictorial shot by Stephen Wayda in the November 2011 Playboy issue.

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