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2012 Playmates

Nikki Leigh Miss May 2012 Keep It Tight!

Playmate Nikki Leigh is a fine piece of modern art. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Nikki stands out in a tight blue bodysuit, and in the nude, she’s all clean lines, bright color and seductive movement. She is a great talent and came into this shoot with open eyes, and it all flowed from there in really great direction, and she’s really thrilled with these photos. That sounds just about right – Miss May 2012 is a cut-and-dried California blonde, and there’s no greater thrill than Nikki Leigh in the nude.

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Britany Nola – hot to the most

britany nola

Inspect a tasty blonde always have flavor. Britany Nola is a specific appetizer. It has only 21 years and the first time to undress for Playboy in November last year. Nevertheless, it seems to know something and are not to the extent 90-60-90, calling each. Britany enchanted style of past years and the hair and flake over the sex act as a return to the past. When women were more natural kind and eagerly lustful. And this is exactly Britany.

Two different worlds has joined in one Britany. Her mother came from Canada and the white woman, but black father from New York. So was born in Canada but lived longer than two years in Pennsylvania. The family tree also has Irish ancestry. He says he has always formed two worlds. Conservative and liberal. Finally, she decided to become a Liberal, for her life is not stress, but one big challenge for him so well treated.

Ever since her childhood she attracted retro style. She likes antiques and atmosphere of years past, when women still shave sex. It comes to sexy and what is it delicious, showed a man in November last year. Even Playboy photographers in front of the advantages of going to the knees. It has a free spirit, loves music in the sixties and seventies feel like a fish in water.

With that, of course, related to the preference of men, which he loves. Partial to leading gentleman and a much more expensive car than it dazzle true veteran. It’s just a pussy who says romance is much more than a luxurious dinner. Her look is really so compelling that although young gives a right to the good old days when women wore the hair tattoos, but fragrant flake were really sexy. Today, as a beautiful memory and crunchy Britany Nola with everything that goes with it.

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Miss December 2012 Amanda Streich Photo And Data

Hot Playmate From Poland

Amanda Streich Photo

Amanda Streich

Born May 26, 1993 in Plock, Poland
Bust: 36C
Waist: 26
Hips: 35
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 126 pounds

Amanda Streich Pics

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Britany Nola Gallery

Back to retro style? New Playmate has became Britany Nola. Peroxide blonde poses with a distinctive “fur” between his legs.

Miss November 2012 Playboy magazine has became 21 years old Canadian Britany Nola. Born in Ontario and now she lives in Los Angeles, where she was living as a model and occasional actress. Fresh Playmate confessed, that she writes blogs and is music fanatic. She is lover of “vinyl culture”, for which her father led her since an early age. She can not live without music, says this fresh Playmate.

Britany Nola admitted in an interview with Playboy that she likes men with fierce intelligence, but their points forward: If you meet her, expect maybe strange, but entertaining bouts of energy. She likes red wine and deep philosophical conversations with itself. On a Playmate quite enough.

You can see new Britany Nola Gallery:

Britany Nola 01

Britany Nola 02

Britany Nola 03

Britany Nola 04

Britany Nola 05

Britany Nola 06

Britany Nola 07

Britany Nola 08

Britany Nola 09

Britany Nola 10

Britany Nola 11

Britany Nola 12

Britany Nola 13

Britany Nola 14

Britany Nola 15

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Alana Campos Gallery

The newest Playboy Playmate is this 21 years old brazilian woman Alana Campos. This is her first, and certainle not the last, scene in Hef’s magazine.

You can see Alana Campos Gallery:

Alana Campos in lingerie

Alana Campos wearing high heels only

Alana Campos posing nude

Alana Campos showing her sexy body

Alana Campos shows her big boobs

Alana Campos shows her ass

Alana Campos posing naked in the pool

Alana Campos seducing her fans

Alana Campos is naked in the water

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Alana Campos is a new Brazilian Playmate – Check out her divine curves that confounded not only Hefner

The founder of the most famous men’s magazine Playboy Hugh Hefner (86) selected, although he likes blondes, this exotic-looking Brazilian that certainly quickened his pulse. Alana Campos (21), who became the 2012 September Playmate, has a fabulous body and sensual face and probably hardly any man would be able to resist her.

Sexy Alana Campos, who comes from a small Brazilian island, which is reportedly almost spotless civilizations. From all sides this island is surrounded by spectacular ocean in which dolphins and sea turtles swim. You can walk along the pristine beaches. It is a real paradise, also full of beautiful girls.

Today, I am proud that I can represent my country and I am also proud that you can see me as a Playboy Playmate!

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Shelby Chesnes Gallery

This voluptuous beauty was chosen as a Playmate of the July. How do you like her?

The famous Playboy magazine announced that the July’s Playmate of this year was elected Shelby Chesnes. She is a pretty brunette ( age 21 ). You can see her gallery and photos of this handsome girl.

This cute brunette is often posing in bikini and especially her body is flawless. And as Shelby Chesnes claims, everything is natural on her.

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Nikki Leigh Video

Miss May 2012 Nikki Leigh is a hot! We’re turning up the heat on PLAYBOY PLAYMATES! You can see all new scenes this month! Take a look at 2012 Miss May Nikki Leigh video, luscious women and tons more!

Sexy blonde Nikki Leigh is Playboy Playmate of the Month in May 2012.

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Raquel Pomplun Video

Miss April 2012 Raquel Pomplun is a sexy Latina woman! Check out this intimate video profile of Raquel Pomplun as she poses for Playboy cameras, takes a dip in the swimming pool, and plays with her body.

Raquel Pomplun is Playboy Playmate of the Month in April 2012.

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Lisa Seiffert Pictures

Lisa Seiffert Playboy

Lisa Seiffert is smiling on the beach!

Lisa Seiffert Playmate

Lisa Seiffert shows her sexy figure in front of car!

Lisa Seiffert Hot

Lisa Seiffert teasing guys in the driver seat!

Lisa Seiffert Posing

Lisa Seiffert staying in front of car!

Lisa Seiffert Tits

Lisa Seiffert shows her nice tits!

Lisa Seiffert Nude

Lisa Seiffert has very nice ass!

Lisa Seiffert wearing hat only, no clothes!

Lisa Seiffert Sexy

Lisa Seiffert and some pictures from the official shot. She is well known as a woman who easily gets nude. When she does it, she wants to make men lick their lips and to turn them on. Lisa Seiffert is the Playboy Playmate of the month March 2012.

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Leola Bell And Pictures Of Miss February 2012

Leola Bell Sexy

Leola Bell Playmate status has certainly made her happy!

Leola Bell Teasing

Leola Bell wants to be as sexy as possible!

Leola Bell Topless

Leola Bell is Playboy Playmate for February!

Leola Bell Posing

Leola Bell sitting in the bar!

Leola Bell Playmate

Leola Bell shows her sexy figure in lingerie!

Leola Bell Playboy

Leola Bell removes her clothes and shows her boobs!

Leola Bell Hot

Leola Bell tells that people are always staring at her breasts!

Leola Bell Nude

Leola Bell is hot and very sexy in these pictures. You can see her video and pics now. She is Playboy Playmate for the Month of February 2012.

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Lisa Seiffert Video

Watch the newest Lisa Seiffert video with behind the scenes of Playboy’s Miss March 2012 Playmate Lisa Seiffert and get a glimpse of what it takes to pose for a centerfold pictorial for Playboy. You can watch the full uncensored version only on Playboy TV.

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Leola Bell Video

Watch Leola Bell video and behind the scenes of Playboy’s Miss February 2012 Playmate Leola Bell and get a glimpse of what it takes to pose for a centerfold pictorial for Playboy. You can watch the full uncensored version only on Playboy TV. Watch her in a sexy red dress and open up about her plans beyond Playboy.

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Familiarize Yourself With Miss February 2012 Leola Bell

By the way, Heather is not the only attraction of the January issue of Playboy. Magazine, which will ship to retailers around 16th December, will double issue on the site you gentlemen will be able to get acquainted with Miss February Leola Bell. Unlike twenty-six Heather is a native of the city of Rockville is not novice.

The pages of the magazine are nothing new to this sexy woman wearing bra for 36D big boobs, who lives in Florida. In the past, Leola Bell became a Playboy Girls Of Golf and Painted Lady and appeared several times in its online edition.

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