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Tamara Witmer (born March 21, 1984) is an model, actress and reality television star. She is best known for her appearance as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, Miss August 2005, and was also the cover girl for the October 2006 issue. Prior to becoming a Playmate, she has appeared on magazine covers. Witmer is a model for Bench Warmer International trading cards featuring female models.

To leave this world better than I found it.

A good heart and a good mind.

Stinkers and lima beans.

I’m an Aries, and sometimes I won’t even date someone who’s incompatible.

The Rolling Stones

Class, beautiful eyes.

South Beach, Maui, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco.

A man on a horse.

Fun-loving, stubborn, creative.

Golf and tennis.

Today & Tonight Is Tamara’s Day!

Miss August bides her time and goes her own way

Tamara Witmer, 21 and gorgeous, is trying on hats in Ensenada, Mexico. She’s elegant in the black sombrero, puppy cute in pink. We’ve been watching her for a couple of years now, since she first returned to her native California from Columbus, Ohio, too young to have a beer in a bar. A photographer sent us pictures of her modeling swimsuits. You may wonder why it took us two years to bring this beauty to your attention. All we can say is that some things are worth waiting for.For a while there, the soft-spoken, self-effacing Tamara thought she might like a career in entertainment. Not so much anymore, she says with a chuckle. Why is that? “Because I don’t have any talent,” she says, laughing even harder. “Acting is unrealistic for me.” Before we can ask how acting could be unrealistic for anyone–after all, have we not seen the films of Steven Seagal?–she elaborates. “I just live for the day,” she says brightly. “I don’t have any concrete plan.” And why should she? The modeling is working out just fine, and anyone lucky enough to while away an afternoon in sunny Ensenada trying on hats would surely agree. It’s a breezy kind of moment that might bring on a song. Here, we’ll give you the first line: “Tamara, Tamara, we love you, Tamara.”

Later, after the tequila and the limes come out, she lets her personal side escape. She says that while she finds successful, well-educated men sexy, they’re not necessarily her ideal: “I would rather be with someone who is not hot but down-to-earth and stable.” She hasn’t had lots of boyfriends; she says she’s shy. “I would like to be more outgoing,” she confesses. If you feel you’d like to help Miss August burst from her cocoon, here’s a tip: She bowls. In fact she has her own ball, a sparkly pink and purple one.She’s a beautiful woman who takes neither the world nor herself too seriously. One other point: She’s honest. “Some people want to win no matter how fake they are,” she says. “I just do things in my own way.” In other words, live for today, and don’t worry about Tamara Witmer.

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Tamara Witmer is well known Playmate and can be seen in lots of scenes. Tamara Witmer is very popular Playboy girl. She is featured mainly in mainstream movies. Tamara Witmer works mainly for U.S. based companies and you can download her films online. Tamara Witmer has many fans worldwide. She is often seen in sexy vids.

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For new Tamara Witmer sexy videos visit Tamara Witmer website. In website's movies section you can check all available scenes. Tamara Witmer often post new vids on Playboy websites; ie. HotMovies and PlayboyTV. Additional information regarding videos with Tamara Witmer can be found through Tamara Witmer forums.

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These information is provided on Tamara Witmer website, or you can find it on Tamara Witmer Wiki pages.

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