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Lindsey Gayle Evans (born December 9, 1989) is an model and beauty queen who was selected as the Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2009. She is a former pageant titleholder from Blanchard, Louisiana who held the Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 and competed in the Miss Teen USA 2008 pageant.

Gayle Lindsey Evans – the name you know it! Where? Now, U.S. Playmate October 2009 is not a blank sheet: Lindsey Gayle Evans, the dethroned Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008th The title of her was revoked just days before the official re-election because she was arrested for possession of marijuana.

How could this happen? Now the pretty blonde was dining with friends at a restaurant and – let’s say – forgot to pay. Unfortunately, the beauty queen was in addition to the unpaid bill also included her pink wallet ID card and a small sachet of lying.

“I was a long time one of these very like girls who sing in a church choir and get good grades to go home,” says Playmate Lindsey, and admits: “But at some point the end was that I did not want more, always the good girl to and wrote his Playboy if he was interested in me . “Had he, of course!

Playmate October 2009 and has high hopes of their new status: ” I want as much as possible act as Playmate in appearance and prefer the new Pamela Anderson are . Why not? I am a girl who likes fun and just act. ”

Future dreams: I want to be rich and famous and still keep the girl next door – just exactly what makes a good sex symbol!

What turns me on: Charming, smart and good looking men with goals in mind, good manners, plenty of money in his pocket – and humor!

What does not: boring, who think they need to control or condemn me.

A song that describes my life: Quite clearly, the song of Britney Spears “Piece of Me”

For this star I adore: Shia LaBeouf.

My role models: My mom! She showed me how to enjoy life to the fullest and taught me how I can always be the most beautiful star in the sky!

My dream house: A typical country house for Louisiana with a running around the house porch, plenty of space for lots of animals.

My favorite color: pink, pink, pink, yellow and pink!

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Lindsey Evans is well known Playmate and can be seen in lots of scenes. Lindsey Evans is very popular Playboy girl. She is featured mainly in mainstream movies. Lindsey Evans works mainly for U.S. based companies and you can download her films online. Lindsey Evans has many fans worldwide. She is often seen in sexy vids.

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For new Lindsey Evans sexy videos visit Lindsey Evans website. In website's movies section you can check all available scenes. Lindsey Evans often post new vids on Playboy websites; ie. HotMovies and PlayboyTV. Additional information regarding videos with Lindsey Evans can be found through Lindsey Evans forums.

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Lindsey Evans free pictures are provided online through online membership areas provided by studios when you join their website, or you can get pics through various websites ie. Freeones, Gals4Free, PlaymateHunter, BustNow and many more.

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You can check the last Lindsey Evans movie in several online databases, or on Playboy websites.

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These information is provided on Lindsey Evans website, or you can find it on Lindsey Evans Wiki pages.

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