Kimberly Phillips

Playmate Kimberly Phillips needs a break. The 22-year-old from California has worked hard all their lives: time for the fuel drums in the school, in restaurants, work to afford a car can not last and continuous learning for a degree in art at the Montessori school. “I was totally exhausted and needed some distraction in my life. So have my best friend Natalie and I decided that we try something crazy , “says Kimberly.

What the two have concocted? They have done sexy photos and sent them to the U.S. Playboy. Two days later her phone rings – the U.S. Playboy’s turn. Kimberly Phillips: “It’s so crazy. I still can not believe I did that. I’m shy and not a typical LA girl. But with this photo shoot I’ve had so much confidence that I tell myself constantly: Hey, you’re Playmate – now there are nothing that can not make me! ”

Future dreams: I want to finish school, to see the world, and successfully learn to fly and be happy.

What turns me on: If someone is confident and has its own personality. I totally like it when the man makes you laugh. So go ahead, show me your lustge page!

What does not: If someone goes through life and not assembled yet this is rude and unkempt.

My life philosophy: Always think positive! Everything happens for a reason and life goes on!

My role models: My mother and my big sister because they are strong and beautiful women.

For me this song does not get off the dance floor: “Do not Rock The Boat” by Bob Marley always makes me dance!

The recipe to my heart: 2 servings ambition, one half serving garnished tenderness, a touch of humor and the whole thing with love.

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