Hefner barely got a basket, it has a new sexy cat

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (85) he’s got the sexy girls can choose from. Hardly left him one, he immediately found another. And it looks almost the same as its predecessor. In other words, it is a piece.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who two weeks ago just before his upcoming wedding, left, a girl of Playboy in December 2010, has announced that it has found a replacement. It’s a girl of Playboy in November 2010 and the resemblance with its predecessor are obvious.

It is twenty-seven French-Canadian model and actress starting Shera Bechard. After Hefner hip replaced two years younger Crystal Harris. It is on the front page of the current number of Playboy magazine, while there was called “Mrs. Crystal Hefner.”

Number went to press before the wedding was called off by Harris. Hefner was the third wife. Marriage to be held on the 18th June. Hefner said that Bechard is the central site of Playboy will appear again, this November.

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