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Iryna Ivanova sexy woman

To have a date with sexy woman and Playboy Miss August 2011 is the dream of every man. Regardless of the month, the 25 year old beauty Iryna Ivanova, which undress in the men magazine, although the ancestors of Ukraine. Even some time lived near the Europe, and today it is the proud American. This girl has never had a problem to get a card, the U.S. side it is grown today as a flower of the East. Eventually bloom into a real lady who has a natural tits.

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Until 18 she did not have big breasts or character of models, rather struggling with puberty and lived in Ukraine. In the whole, not much room to become one of the best models in the world. Maybe its just a dream rigorous large puddles, but at sixteen she decided to leave Ukraine and begin your compass to orient the success of the West. She admits that it was also part of the resistance, but in part because they could not decide where to continue. It was worth it. Immediately recruited her, that could be given to modeling, but she did not give up even dream of becoming educated women. Its resolutions began to perform full and now has only degree in psychology, but in addition to shooting is given to finishing her doctorate. As the chocolate so Iryna Ivanova acts to group, which moderates and besides burly guy full of testosterone appears in a bra with tango legs. For this work she received exposure even before her Playboy apperance in 2011 that opened the door to the big world. She has no problem posing nude. She claims that nudity is natural, beautiful, and when properly conceived is the highlight of the world. So many words for future doctors of psychology. It is confident of its arguments and evidence as possible and to look at their own nipples. It is the teacher par excellence. Chooses her grapes from the ice cream is challenging, beautiful educated and therefore says it dialed immature men who approached the woman as a product just because it saw the headline erotic. Its ambition is further given to psychology. The men are silent, but adds that as a healthy woman with no physical pleasures rife. What else can I say?

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2011 Playboy Playmates from July to December

Hot video footage of your favorite 2011 July – December Playboy Playmates – Jessa Hinton , Iryna Ivanova , Tiffany Toth , Amanda Cerny , Ciara Price and Rainy Day Jordan
Watch on your favorite Playmate:

2011 Playboy Playmates Pics

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Iryna Ivanova

This Friday on July 15, a second Playmate from Eastern Europe will be featured in this year’s magazine issue. Iryna Ivanova is from Ukraine, but she is living and working in America. Iryna Ivanova did some photos in swimsuits before but this is her first photoshoot. This brunette has big boobs and sexy body. See her online in Cyberclub now;)

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Miss August 2011 Iryna Ivanova Photo And Data

Hot Playmate From Ukraine

Iryna Ivanova Photo

Iryna Ivanova

Born June 4, 1987 in Feodosiya, Ukraine
Bust: 32DD
Waist: 25
Hips: 35
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 105 pounds

Iryna Ivanova Pics

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